Strengthening & Empowering People


StEP (St. Edward’s Development Project) was formed in 2011 following engagement with the local community to identify what would help that community to grow, strengthen and provide a safer, more welcoming and healthier environment for the whole community. Mottingham is a recognised area of deprivation scoring highly in terms of poverty, isolation and loneliness, low levels of employment, poor housing and poor physical and mental health.

We listened and we heard that community safety, reduced isolation, affordable counselling and support services and community activities within accessible, welcoming space were identified as real needs for Mottingham’s community.

StEP’s formation began out of a partnership of individuals, community and faith organisations with the combined aim of driving the development of the existing St. Edward’s Church site. This would provide an opportunity for the wider community to use the Church Hall to host activities and support in a welcoming and supportive environment.

StEP began fundraising and employed a Project Manager, whose role was to develop activities within the Church Hall. Further funds were raised to enable StEP to employ an experienced Counsellor to provide low cost/no cost counselling.

St. Edward’s Church formed its own organisation to drive building development, committed to its work with Mottingham’s community. StEP, whilst not being a faith group, actively supports that development and works closely in partnership with St. Edward’s to further their aim and has representation on the buildings sub-committee.


In 2019 StEP became a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and formed a Board of Trustees and Members. Volunteers are integral to our work. We have a strong team and some lead activities where their skills are put to good use.

StEP offers a range of activities which, with the aid of successful bids from a range of funders, has enabled StEP to strengthen existing activities and provide new projects and courses designed to address the current challenges facing the community. Further grant funding has enabled the continuous employment of our Project Manager and recruitment of an Admin Assistant.

StEP welcomes feedback from those that use our activities and support and from partner organisations we work with. 2020 to date has provided everyone with challenges over and above those that existed previously. We have tried, where possible, to provide alternative activities whilst staying within Covid-19 restrictions and have received positive feedback. The desire for StEP activities to resume is strongly featured within that feedback and we hope that will be possible very soon.

StEP’s elected Board of Trustees and Members have had some changes over the years but are a committed group of people, dedicated to the StEP organisations and its aims.

Our Vision. Our Future.

StEP is committed to continuing to make an impact on the lives of those with the community matched with a desire to scale that impact with investment in the staff team and growth of volunteers. We will do this by building on the success of activities and support established to date.

Challenges and needs change over time as evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that constant innovation to face challenges in terms of adapting delivery is essential and continuing to listen to our community and their needs and, wherever possible, help and support them in addressing those needs.

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